Meet SNL 2014 Graduate Jeffrey Mlyniec


Jeff received his Bachelor of Arts degree from SNL this past June. His focus area was in Managment of Information Technology.


Tell us about your SNL Online experience…what was your favorite SNL Online course?

My SNL experience was comforting. For an adult student, who really didn’t enjoy liberal arts and the classes taken at previous institutions, the education and classes I took at DePaul were engaging and invigorating. I really feared getting back into the classroom and taking online classes, the effort just didn’t sit well with me. However, once I completed my first SNL online course, I was off to races! The instructor was easy to communicate with, the students supportive, and the whole of the experience was fun and enjoyable.

My favorite SNL online class was Democracy in Everyday Life. This was the most fun of all the online classes and also the most engaging. The best characteristic of any online course is the interaction between students. Strongly worded and deeply passionate discussions driven by a person’s life experiences and their belief system. I found this class utterly fascinating as the students from various socio-economic backgrounds discussed, intensely at times, the assignments.

By far the best kind of online class engages the student and peaks their inquisitive nature, SNL online courses never failed in that effort.

Looking back as a student, is there anything you would have done differently?

Perhaps not take as much time off between classes. My personal and professional life had a profound impact on the length of time it took me to graduate. There was always something coming up in life. But this is also a strength of SNL, the ability for adult learners to have a regular life and balance it with an online class.

What advice to you have for current students taking online classes?

Don’t think because this is an online class that the workload will be smaller or easier! In order to be successful in online courses, a work ethic, self preparedness, and self discipline are key to complete the online class.

How has SNL prepared you for life after college?

I tend to be more contemplative now. My way of thinking has changed and I am definitely a better listener. This has benefited me at my job as well as my life.

Where do you see your life progressing to in the next five years?

I am thinking about pursuing my masters degree. From a professional perspective I would like to move up the ladder a bit more and become CIO of a mid-level company. My wife and I are approaching the time when we should consider the empty nest and where life will ultimately take us in retirement. Ultimately, I want to continue to be a life long learner!



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