Meet SNL 2013 Graduate, Ryan Lee


Welcome to Fall Quarter at SNL Online.  We hope that the quarter is off to a smooth start.  We featured SNL 2013 Graduate Ryan Lee in our Summer Newsletter.  He shared some great tips for students taking online classes with us.  Here is what he had to say:

1.      What interested you about the School for New Learning online at DePaul University that you decided to complete your degree with us?

After completing my Associate’s degree, I was looking for a program that would allow me to continue my education but also would be flexible and match the growing commitments I was experiencing in my career.  The School of New Learning fulfilled all of these requirements for me.

2.      What was your favorite online course, and why?

Critical Thinking, by far, was my favorite course.  It was an opportunity for me to develop strategic thinking.  This was an area that I felt I was lacking, and used the class to try and bolster my inadequacy in this department.   Critical Thinking helped me realize that I already was thinking strategically in most aspects of my life, and that with the tools I learned, strengthened that side of me.

3.      What advice do you have for current students taking online classes?

Make the online class as powerful as an actual classroom experience.   By exploring the discussion forums, and participating in active conversation, you can capture a collaborative setting without even leaving your living room.   For me, the online class experience was most rewarding in that it allowed me to be adaptable in my life.

4.      Looking back as a student, is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have devoted a percentage of time to join a few social groups within the school community.

5.      What tools did you learn that you feel prepared you for life after graduation?

The number one tool was following the tenants of lifelong learning, and deepening a commitment to education past the time when I walked the stage for graduation.   It is important to always be evolving, and I feel that SNL developed, and embedded this tool into my brain, and will only improve my career and well-being.


More about Ryan: He is a 33 year old graduate from the School for New Learning.   His focus area was Business and Finance.  He is the Treasury Manager for Ryan Specialty Group in Chicago, Illinois and lives in Lemont, Illinois.  He has been married for 8 years to his wife Anne, and has two children, Gabrielle and Frederick.  His interests outside of work include landscaping his yard, reading, and listening to music.


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