Christa Hinton’s Steps for Success at SNL Online


Dr. Christa Hinton is currently an Assistant Dean in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University. Her primary focus is managing a team of talented career professionals in the Kellstadt Career Management Center. Since joining DePaul in 2001, Christa has grown the department to serve the career needs of both MBA and MS students through a wide range of job search and networking programs and online tools. As a prior business owner and DePaul MBA graduate, Christa lends advice and support to the MBA Association, Graduate Women in Business, the Kellstadt International Student Advisory Board and the Kellstadt Student Advisory Board. Recently earning a Doctor of Education (Ed. D.) degree, Christa’s research interests include exploring the relationships between employability and levels of hope as well as how motivation affects career development.
Christa Hinton
Christa teaches Essentials of Training and Integrated Marketing Communications for SNL Online.

3 steps that may be helpful for students to succeed at SNL Online:

1. Be proactive and organized.
2. Set up a daily schedule to check in with the class.
3. Clarify points with the instructor and classmates in the Q&A section of the discussion area.

The first step for success is to be proactive! During Preview Week (the week before class begins), log in to D2L and explore how the class works, review the assignments and organize your assignment due dates in your calendar. Order the book and download the articles for the class. If you have ANY questions about the class during Preview Week, email your instructor for clarification. If you are proactive and organized before the class begins, you will be ready to go on the first day the class goes live.

The second step for success for an online student is to set up a daily routine of logging into D2L and checking in with the class. Set aside about 30-45 minutes per day to log in, read the discussions, contribute thoughtfully to the discussions and read anything that your instructor has posted. When you get into the habit of checking in on a daily basis, you will know what is happening in the class and how to contribute in a way that demonstrates your mastery of the competences.

Lastly, it is important to clarify things that you do not understand/have questions about with the instructor. I recommend doing this in the Q&A section of the discussion area so that others can benefit from your questions/answers and you can learn from your classmate’s process as well. This helps make the class seem more like a group of people headed in the same direction – much like an in-person class. Students can answer their classmates’ questions in the Q&A discussion too, and this contributes to a feeling of camaraderie amongst the class. Feeling like you are part of the class keeps you interested and focused – both essential elements of success.


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