Need help with Writing?


If you are an online student and don’t live in the Chicago area, or would like assistance remotely, the following services are available:

Written Feedback: These are the most popular online appointments. A writer simply uploads a draft of a work in progress at and picks a time for a tutor to read and respond to it. During that time block the tutor responds to the piece and then the comments and feedback are sent back via email shortly afterward. This is a great option for busy people who might have a hard time making it into the actual Writing Center or meeting online at a specific time. Minimum 60 minute appointment.

Online Appointments: These are live two-way appointments where you can share a document on a screen with a live tutor during a specified time and communicate by either chat window or webcam. This lets you meet “face-to-face” digitally with a tutor in realtime. Minimum 60 minute appointment.

Chat with a Tutor: Chat with a Tutor is for when you have a quick specific question that can be answered in just a minute or two. You can launch a Chat with a Tutor session directly from the UCWbL’s main page instantaneously by typing “hello”. Super fast response, and no appointment needed.

Multiple appointments: Many students choose to start an recurring series of appointments with the same tutor and work through a series of assignments or even larger pieces of work like term papers, research papers, Advanced Projects or Independent Learning Pursuits. In these cases, the work is spread out over several pre-planned appointments. Generally a tutor can handle 8-10 pages of feedback per hour and any writer can schedule up to 3 hours per week of tutor help.

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