Student ID Cards for SNL Online Students


Taking online classes, you may not spend a lot of time on campus at DePaul.  Whether you’re living in Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, or across the country, having a student ID card has many perks.  Your student ID card gives you access to library services (most, which are accessible online), access to computer labs at all DePaul campuses (including suburban), as well as discounts.  Over forty discounts are available to students which include computer equipment, car rentals, and discounts through retailers such as Amazon.  Who doesn’t appreciate a good discount every now and then, right?  Be sure to visit the DePaul Demon Discount page for more information.

Now I bet you’re wondering how to obtain your student ID…

You’ll first need your campus connect user ID and password.  Once you have that information, you can request your card at:

If you reside outside the Chicago area, you are eligible to receive a DePaul ID card without a face picture though your student ID will still show your affiliation with DePaul.  Your card will be mailed to your home address associated with your record in campus connect.  You can verify your home address by logging into Campus Connection and checking the “Addresses” page under “Demographic Portfolio”

If you reside in Chicago or near one of the suburban campuses, you may obtain your student ID with photo there with a valid photo ID.  For ID service locations and hours, please visit:

If you need additional information regarding your student ID card, please visit:


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