Looking Ahead as SNL turns 40


40th Anniversary CakeAfter many months of work and effort on the part of faculty, staff and students, SNL has completed crafting its five-year strategic plan and looks to its 40th anniversary celebration for 2012.

SNL’s vision statement reads: Employers and the public will perceive School for New Learning graduates to be lifelong learners of the highest quality, disciplined thinkers and critically engaged citizens, competent and versatile in their ability to synthesize ideas for applied use as they address the challenges and engage the opportunities of contemporary adult life. SNL’s renewed core purpose is to nurture curiosity, reflective judgment and a lifelong passion for learning— equipping global citizens to address the challenges and engage the opportunities of contemporary work, community and personal adult life.

Our four strategic goals are:

  • To achieve strategic growth in the Midwest while maintaining our national reputation as a quality provider of undergraduate and graduate degree programs for adults.
  • To provide the highest-quality educational experience for adult learners.
  • To expand and efficiently use financial resources dedicated to SNL’s strategic growth and development.
  • To restructure and simplify SNL’s governance, management and administrative systems to best achieve growth and quality. We will be working hard in the coming years to achieve these goals. Additionally, throughout the next year, SNL representatives will visit adult programs in other colleges and universities across the country to gather ideas and best practices that will inform our curricular and new program development and help us improve current programs.


Stay tuned for information about our 40th anniversary activities and celebrations.


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