New SNL Online Faculty Teaching in Winter 2012


Dr. Gregory Caicco is a former Jesuit who worked on the South Side of Chicago and with refugees in Guatemala. Before, he practiced as a professional architect in Toronto after earning a professional B.Arch. in Ottawa. Afterwards he did his graduate work in philosophy as well as the history, theory and philosophy of architecture/art earning an M.Phil. at Cambridge University in England, and M.A. in philosophy at Loyola University Chicago, and a Ph.D. at McGill University. Dr. Caicco taught history, theory and ethics of architecture at McGill and at Arizona State University where he held the Lincoln Chair of Ethics in Architecture and Environmental Design from 2000-04. He has published widely, including the 2008 book Architecture, Ethics and the Personhood of Place. He is currently working on a monograph concerning the architectural ethics of Saint Francis of Assisi in the Italian 13th c. Gregory will be teaching IN 307 Advanced Elective Seminar – Italian Renaissance.

Mark Enenbach has been a member of the SNL Part Time faculty since 1988. He is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for The Community Economic Development Association. He received his M.A. in Urban Planning from Loyola University. Mark will be teaching China Money, Power, and the 21st Century.

James Kimsey earned his M.S. in Music Technology from Indiana University-Purdue School of Engineering Technology (IUPUI), and his B.A. in Telecommunications from Indiana University, where he also studied Audio Engineering and Jazz Improvisation. Jim has worked extensively as a professional musician and has instructed in guitar and piano since 1981. He has also been a video/audio producer for over 25 years.

Nancy Morgan has an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Teachers College, Columbia University, NY, and an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago. She has written and produced educational video programming for students and instructors, K-12 and Higher Education, on a range of topics. She has been and online instructional designer for the past 5 years and has also taught online courses. Nancy will be teaching HC 239 Globalization: Winners, Losers, and Social Justice.

Scott Murdoch has been teaching Biology since 1997. He holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Biology and is currently an Associate Professor and Department Chair of Biological Sciences at Moraine Valley Community College. His interests lie in many areas of Biology including Botany, Zoology, Ecology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. He is also the co-director of MVCC’s Nature Study Area, a 40 acre prairie restoration site on campus. In his spare time Scott likes to hike, run, camp, garden, laugh, and watch children play. Scott will be teaching SW341 Ecology of Personal Life.

Regina Spellers Sims holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural and Organizational Communication from Arizona State University. She also has an MBA from University of Bridgeport. She is president/CEO of Eagles Soar Consulting, LLC which provides training, writing, curriculum development, and research services. Her teaching and research focuses on gender/girlhood studies, multicultural intergroup relations, business, and hair/body politics. Her award winning publications include a co-edited volume, book chapters, journal and magazine articles, and web based study guides.

Derise Tolliver Atta is a licensed psychologist, is a member of the SNL Resident Faculty and Director, SNL Tangaza
Project. She earned her doctorate from Duke University. Her professional and research interests include African-centered psychology, spirituality, cultural issues in psychology and education, and HIV/AIDS. Derise will be teaching LL 205 Foundations of Adult Learning.


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