Meet Megan Stemm-Wade

Megan Stemm-Wade

Megan Stemm-Wade

What is your job title and what are your primary responsibilities at SNL?

My title is Instructional Technology Consultant, part of Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS) I’m basically a liaison to SNL to provide instructional design and Desire2Learn support. I am responsible for course design and revision, D2L training, and ongoing support of courses in D2L, for both SNL Online and SNL faculty.

How did your education at SNL impact your current job?

I know I would not have my current position had I not gone back to SNL to complete my BA. My focus area was Communication & Culture, and I took all the courses I could involving writing, media, and cultural studies. My SNL experience sharpened my professional writing skills, and helped build my professional confidence. It also created a network of DePaul friends and mentors. Once I graduated (in ’08), DePaul was one of the first places I looked for employment, as I felt so nurtured and stimulated by the environment here. Happily, FITS (then IDD), needed content developers (writers!) to work in the Blackboard learning management system, and my career in Instructional Design began.

Looking back as a student, is there anything you would have done differently?

SNL was actually an opportunity for me to look back on my previous experiences as a student and to basically do EVERYTHING differently. I worked very hard during my time at SNL to achieve some personal goals that I had not reached in my earlier college career. I really feel I had the best possible time as student in SNL. If I changed one thing, it might be to establish a relationship with my wonderful faculty and professional mentors Renee Gilbert-Levin and Kate Johnson sooner in the process. I worked pretty independently for my first few quarters, and when I did reach out to Renee and Kate, their guidance was amazingly supportive and helped me really sharpen my focus.

What advice do you have for current SNL Online students?

Believe in yourself. Absolutely believe in yourself. You can do this. Keep track of your competencies; keep on top of your assignments. Never give up because completing your degree is so worth it. Set goals for yourself and celebrate when you achieve them. Learn from what didn’t go as expected when you don’t. Above all, go to commencement! It will be a shining day in your life.

The School for New Learning experience helped me by:

Changing my life. Creating my own Individualized Focus Area allowed me to take my degree path very personally and very seriously. I became a more focused, more motivated student at SNL, and was encouraged to achieve my personal best. I was exposed to media studies, through great courses taught by Dorothy Balabanos, Gary Fox, and Warren Scheideman, which opened up a new path for my life. I’m very proud of my work at SNL and thrilled at the doors that have opened because of my education. Before SNL, I never thought I’d complete my Bachelor’s degree, and now I’m getting my Master’s in Media and Cinema Studies. I am so proud every day!


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