SNL Faculty and Staff Accomplishments


Vera Dolan published an article: The isolation of online adjunct faculty and its impact on their performance in the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. Using a grounded theory qualitative research approach, this article examines the experiences of 28 adjunct faculty members who work at the same university, exploring their views on whether periodically meeting face-to-face with management and peers has the potential to affect their motivation on the job and consequently the quality of education they provide to students. A few management representatives also shared their perspectives on the phenomenon; this enabled the researcher to compare the views of these two populations on whether face-to-face contact among faculty enhances teaching performance. The results of this study suggest a few issues that online schools must address in their efforts to improve adjuncts’ sense of affiliation and loyalty to their institution, which in turn will positively affect student retention levels. The main issues of concern to adjunct faculty are (a) inadequate frequency and depth of communication, regardless of the means used, whether online or face-to-face; (b) lack of recognition of instructors’ value to the institution; and (c) lack of opportunities for skill development.

Dr. Gabriele Strohschen was inducted into the Delta Theta chapter at DePaul University of the Phi Beta Delta International Scholars Honor Society in May of this year, based on her extensive research and service activities in the area of international/intercultural adult education. Dr. Strohschen was an invited keynote speaker at the “Fifth International Symposium on Green Tourism Management” held at Jinan University, Guangzhao, China. In June, she addressed the issues of cross-cultural awareness and education program design features for green tourism professionals, who study at university graduate and at workforce development levels in partnership with the industry sector throughout the Canton region of China. Within the context of her adult education theory of “blended shore education,”(Strohschen, 2009), she focused on social sustainability, which she poses can be achieved by means of education, training, and development, in tandem with ecological and economic sustainability efforts.

Dr Strohschen was also invited by Renmin University’s Human Resource graduate program and by East Normal China University’s Education graduate program in Shanghai to provide guest lectures for faculty and students on adult education practices. She finished her lecture and study trip with a seminar for HR and Training employees upon the invitation of Johnson Controls, INC.’s Department for Leader Development – Asia Pacific in Shanghai.

Arieahn Matamonasa is the 2011 recipient of the University’s Excellence in Teaching Award for SNL. She will be honored at the Academic Convocation this coming Autumn with the presentation of a plaque. Arieahn has her Ph.D. from the Fielding Graduate Institute in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in prevention of violence. She teaches on campus as well as Learning Assessment Seminar, Foundations of Adult Learning, and Service Learning Externship online and Valuing Human Differences in the Graduate Hybrid Program.

Dee Schmidgall co-presented with Lisa Torrescano Make the most of your LMS: Applying User-Centered Design Strategies at the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Dee is an interaction designer and multimedia specialist for SNL Online. Lisa, a former SNL Online instructional designer, is currently serving as a FITS instructional consultant for DePaul’s nursing and psychology programs.


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