D2L User Tips


The D2L system has been pilot-tested by SNL Online students and faculty, who found it easier to use than Blackboard. However, it takes some getting used to. Here are some tips:

Remember there are two home pages

  • An all-DePaul home page where you can find all your courses and create your personal profile and signature file.
  • A Course Home page, where you find news items from your instructor, student resources, calendar, updates, and other resources.

Click Content to start

Click the button on the top navigation bar marked Content and work your way down, one element at a time. All elements you’ll need in every module—assignments, discussions, etc.—are linked into a table on the main page of each module.

Learn How to Navigate

Navigate using the table of contents, the module links, the checklists (where you will find due dates), or the arrows in the upper right of the pages.

Know Your Way Home

If you get lost, click Course Home in the upper left.

Use the Resources

Use the many links in the Student Resources box on the Course Home page to buy books, access training material, and get help for many tasks.

Et cetera

D2L has many new features, including pictures in the discussion so you can see your classmates, automated emails so you know when work has been graded, a live chat tool, an improved gradebook for faculty, and customizable learning. If your course has different assignments for different competencies, you will only be able to access the ones you have enrolled in.

You should have access to your winter SNL course by December 16, 2010, so you can look around, buy your books, and get used to D2L. If you have technical problems, contact the DePaul Technical Support Center at 312-362-8765. If course links do not work, contact your faculty and snlonline@depaul.edu.


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