SNL Faculty Accomplishments


David Simpson has published articles on Lucretius, Francis Bacon, and Albert Camus for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a web resource available to students at

Don Opitz is among five DePaul faculty members (four of whom are from Liberal Arts & Sciences) whose work supports the humanities at DePaul and has been named this year’s Humanities Center fellows. The DePaul Humanities Center awards several Faculty Fellowships each year, and in addition to supporting the Fellows’ research projects the Center sponsors a series of lectures related to a chosen theme. During the year of his fellowship the theme concerns science and literature in the digital age, which relates very nicely to his own project, At Home with Science: Domesticating Science in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. His objective in this project is to consider the tenacity of household science from its origins in aristocratic “country house” science to present-day citizenship science. A central question concerns the role of the British upper-class gentlemen, of which Charles Darwin is perhaps paradigmatic, in shaping the way in which science was advanced and professionalized into the disciplines with which we are familiar today. During the fellowship he will be conducting historical research intended to identify the scope of aristocratic contributions to British science in the last half of the nineteenth century and analyzing, more deeply, the particular contributions of a single, extended dynasty of scientific figures connected with the households of Lord Salisbury, Lord Rayleigh, and Lord Balfour. The long-range outcome will be an academic book on this subject, and during the fellowship he will be drafting chapters of the manuscript and, at some point during the academic year, presenting on his work-in-progress at DePaul. Also during the year he will be planning an event which will engage the wider community with this project’s topics. Assisting in the project is Neil Loomis, a senior in LA&S who is double-majoring in geography and philosophy.

Ezzat Goushegir presented in two theatre conferences and in Film Society in Los Angeles from August 2nd to August 8th, 2010. Another Phaedra in the Desert was read on Monday August 2nd at UCLA at Little Theatre.


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