New Fall Online Courses


Workplace Law: Harassment, Discrimination and Civil Rights

This course focuses on laws affecting relationships between employers and employees. Students will study the historical and societal aspects of laws on harassment and discrimination within the workplace, with particular focus on the Civil Rights Act and other legislation regulating workplace treatment. Students will analyze the case law, the legislation and the legal systems that have evolved to combat social injustice in the workplace and will learn “best methods” for preventing and resolving harassing and discriminatory practices in the workplace. This course will be taught by Jana Berger. Competencies: FX, H-4, H-1-D.

HC 173 – Human Rights in Business and Society

Students study the history of human rights as they emerged from religious belief, philosophical visions of natural law, social structures and legal systems. Students will also examine opposition to human rights over the centuries when rights threatened traditional patterns of authority, prejudices, vested interests, customs and claims of national sovereignty. The focus then shifts to recent human rights documents beginning with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The racism convention, and its application in the US, is examined. Students then apply knowledge to human rights work performed by a local NGO, by a local company or by their community. The course concludes with current human rights advances in corporations, governments and NGOs. This course will be taught by Patricia Szczerba. Competencies: H5, H2B, FX.


One Response to “New Fall Online Courses”

  1. Sylvia Jung St. Clair Says:

    The workplace law course sounds exciting and I hope many students take advantage of taking a course with Jana Berger. She is outstanding!

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