Meet SNL Online Staffer Dee Schmidgall


Dee Schmidgall

What is your job title and what are your primary responsibilities at SNL?

Well, my business card states that I’m an interactive designer and multimedia wrangler. I wear a lot of hats. I’m responsible for the visual design of SNL Online internal and external communications, publications, tutorials, social media, and online courses. I personally develop, administer, and/or coordinate the production of graphics, podcasts, videos, wikis, and other multimedia for our online courses. I work with faculty and other instructional designers to develop and maintain new and existing courses. I also design for and oversee our department website, and work with and design for our marketing team. And I do a lot of tech support, though that’s not in my “official” job description.

Besides your work, what are your other interests?

I love music, movies, theater, reading theology (when I have time, which isn’t often these days), and travel. And I watch too many episodes of House Hunters.

What is your educational background and where did you work prior to coming to SNL?

I have a BA in Communication Studies from Northern Illinois University, and a post-bacc certificate and MFA in visual communications from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I’ve been taking courses towards an MS in Human-Computer Interaction at DePaul for the past 2 years.

I spent most of my early adulthood (adulthood being a characterization my friends and family might dispute) pursuing a career in music, playing drums for a series of rock bands of little renown. I was also a radio DJ and copywriter. More recently I worked for a small ad agency in River East, and taught while in grad school.

What do you like most about working at DePaul and SNL?

I love the people and the institution. Most folks here really care about their work and the welfare and success of their students. DePaul’s always been a place dedicated to empowering people through education, and I see that mission embodied in our programs at SNL in general and SNL Online in particular.

What advice do you have for current SNL Online students?

Buy or get access to the best computer and fastest internet connection you can. Maybe that means you stay later at work or access your course from the library or a Starbucks, but a bad connection on a slow computer will frustrate you needlessly. We post minimum tech requirements for online students here.

Get into the course as soon as it becomes available, and keep engaged with your instructor and fellow students, especially in course discussions. Don’t expect to drop in once a week and catch up; you need to be involved throughout the week, if only in small but regular chunks of time. Keep current and active in the course, and you give yourself the opportunity to grow and succeed.


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