SNL Faculty Accomplishments


Kevin Downing and Jennifer Holtz have published the following article showing how 3D specimens can be incorporated into online science labs: Downing, K.F., and Holtz, J.K., (In Press) “Incorporating 3D Virtual Laboratory Specimens to Enhance Online Science: Examples from Paleontology and Biology.” In Teaching With Digital Media: Best Practices and Innovations in Higher Education. Thomas D. Cox and Kathleen P. King Eds.: Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Michelle Navarre Cleary presented, “Old School/New School: Helping Adult Undergraduates Remix their Prior Writing Experiences and Literacy Practices to Succeed in College.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Louisville, 20 March 2010. Using the results of a qualitative study, this presentation showed teachers of adult students how they can help these students leverage their prior writing experiences and literacy practices to master academic writing.

SNL Online Director Beth Rubin presented three papers at academic conferences on online learning. She and James Gillespie of the University of Illinois at Chicago presented “Online Higher Education: The Struggle for Legitimacy” at the 2010 Industry Studies Conference in Chicago, while she and Susan Prentice of the University of Manitoba presented “Lessons for Canadian Universities from American Online Entrepreneurship” at the 9th Annual MADLaT (Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training) international conference in Winnipeg, MB. Because both conferences were held on the same day, she presented in Manitoba via Skype. She also worked with Ron Fernandes, James Moore and Maria Avgerinou of DePaul to present preliminary results of their study called “Effect of Learning Management Systems on Student and Faculty Outcomes” at the DePaul Annual Teaching Conference.


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