New Faculty Teaching in Summer


Joseph Chen is a licensed clinical psychologist and a member of the full-time faculty at the SNL. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Wheaton College and completed his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. His clinical experience includes: community mental health, juvenile corrections, and university counseling centers. His research interests include: the impact of culture on perceptions/behavior, the change process, health and wellbeing, and the influence of groups/community/systems on worldview development.

David McKellin earned his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Michigan State University. His areas of expertise include talent management, job and organization design, organizational change management and technology integration. For over 20 years he has consulted large and small companies across the consumer products, manufacturing, telecommunications, and non-profit sectors.

Valerie Worthington holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Dartmouth College and a doctorate in educational psychology from Michigan State University. She has held positions in multiple educational settings, including non-profit organizations, traditional universities, and for-profit universities, giving her a wide variety of experiences related to educating a wide variety of students.


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