That’s a Wrap!


Let this guide serve as a resource to anyone, but as an adult returning to academia, all these points become crucial to maintaining a balanced life.  Take it from women who are attempting to lead a balanced life; the more you juggle the harder it is to remember that the primary concern lies with the juggler. So be sure to dedicate more focus on yourself and whatever it is you need to do to maintain balance, or at least sanity. Taking the time to assess your situation prior to adding school will go a long way in keeping all that you juggle in the air.

Life, School, Work… The Great Juggling Act

  1. The Great Juggling Act
  2. The Great Time Bandit
  3. Making the Most of Your Education
  4. Work Hard For Your Money
  5. Family Matters
  6. It’s All About Me
  7. Stress Happens

N. Menendez, Meaghan Lally, Sonia Montenegro, and Melissa Rebullosa



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