Online learning is on the rise at DePaul


Newsline Online published an interesting article about the rise of fully online courses being taught not just at SNL but University-wide. According to GianMario Besana, associate vice president for Academic Technology, Online Learning and Research, DePaul is seriously committed to improving its online offerings:

Fully online sections of regular courses taught by non-CDM or SNL units totaled only 11 in the 2005-06 school year. The number rose to 91 in the last school year, and Besana says the number will top 100 in the current school year. Total online student headcount in the winter was about 3,500.

The university, he says, intends online learning to be an integral part of the curriculum and not a separate entity or a profit center, a model that’s been adopted by some universities. In the years ahead, Besana believes that all faculty—both at DePaul and throughout the country—will incorporate some form of online learning.

By the way, SNL Online is running 63 fully online undergraduate classes and 3 hybrid graduate seminars (mostly online with a day of on-campus sessions) for Spring 2009-10. We’re  proud to be at the forefront of DePaul’s online learning efforts, and equally proud of our students, faculty and staff!


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