Meet SNL Alum and Staff Member Imran Ali


Imran Ali

Imran Ali is a 2007 graduate of the SNL program.  Imran’s focus area was International Studies.  He is currently the LAS Coordinator at the School for New Learning.

Since graduating from SNL, do you have plans on furthering your education?

I am currently making the final decisions between masters programs. With SNL being a writing and research focused program, I know I am more than prepared to take on more advanced studies.

How did you manage your time as a student? What did you find appealing about taking SNL Online courses?

I found that everyone had an opportunity to contribute to the class discussion. In a traditional on-campus class, not everyone may be able to express all their questions and comments. Because of the way online classes are set up, everyone has the time to collect their thoughts and the opportunity to be heard.

What was your favorite class that you took online with SNL?

Globalization: Winners, Losers, and Social Justice was a class that really encouraged students to give the topic a lot of thought. With globalization being such an influential issue, it demonstrated the realities behind it and broke us out of the many oversimplifications and catchphrases that are out there. With the world becoming more integrated, this course has prepared me for the further changes to come.

Looking back as a student, is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have participated more evenly throughout the week. Instead of doing all the discussion in one go, it was easier to break it up into 3-4 smaller efforts.

What advice do you have for current SNL online students?

Make sure to be active in the online discussions for classes. That way you will not feel “out of the loop.” Taking part in these is the only way the instructor can measure participation.


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