Life, School, Work… The Great Juggling Act


Dear friends, over the next few weeks we’ll be posting excerpts from a guide that was written by four online students in Michelle Navarre Cleary’s Pride and Prejudice class. If you are a current student or just curious about how SNL students manage their time, this guide will prove invaluable. Let’s get started!

Part I: The Great Juggling Act
by N. Menendez, Meaghan Lally, Sonia Montenegro, and Melissa Rebullosa

So you’ve decided to add school to your busy adult life.  You’ve registered for classes and confidently announced to anyone who doubts you that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Then comes the first day of classes. You received your syllabi and are now wondering if you had registered for classes in your sleep or on some crazy ego trip. First things first, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can do it! Sure, you’ve been out of school for some time and feel that you are not prepared sufficiently for continuing your education. But there is hope. The DePaul School for New Learning is geared for adult students facing a variety of backgrounds and provides strong programs ready to help you succeed both academically and personally. Our team of adult women who are SNL students just like yourself and who all once had the same feelings compiled this manual to guide you through your adult learning experience. Every person has a different journey and there are no right or wrong answers. With these tools and the right attitude you will be well on your way to establishing a life of balance during your pursuit of higher education.

Between working full-time and going to school full-time, Sonia finds a few minutes away from her husband to tell you how to de-stress sometime during your hectic schedule and aids you in getting enough quality sleep.  Always having a professional job where she thrived during pressure, N. believed that handling full-time work and school consecutively would be a breeze. Then her first quarter came and so did the sudden feeling of overwhelming fear. But she took some time to figure out her priorities and take care of herself and is now thriving in work, school, and her personal life.  You may find it very hard at times to find time for your family when you have a very busy school schedule. Meaghan found it very important though, to make sure that you find time for your family because they can also be a very much-needed support system in this challenging time.  If you have a good support system, it will definitely help reduce your stress level.

Up next: The Great Time Bandit


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