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Rashad Morris

Rashad, why did you choose SNL Online?

It provided me the flexibility through online classes. I’ve been in adult programs before but this one was attractive because it allows me to customize my learning experience. This is particularly helpful as I can schedule my classes around my professional and personal life. I’m able to partake in face to face classes, online courses as well as independent studies to complete my degree requirements. In previous programs, the design was very similar to traditional degree programs not factoring in the work experience or family life that an adult learner usually comes in with. With SNL, I think this is one of its greatest benefits. I know the direction that I am moving towards in my professional life and can choose the coursework that relates to it.

What’s your favorite course so far?

My favorite SNL course was Self Advocacy/Self Determination. It exposed a lot of habits that I had that prevented me from attaining the highest level of success. This course was, in my opinion, comparable to Foundations.

How about a favorite professor?

My favorite professors thus far were Lynn Royster and Norene Trondsen. They encouraged me in my goals and allowed me to see why I am changing my focus area. When the course got difficult, they continued to see the best in me and encourage me to continue on.

Any tips for current students?

I’d say take Self Advocacy/Self Determination and Foundations very seriously. These classes will help chart your course successfully. I’d also say interview people who are in or have completed the SNL program.

Rashad Morris is an AP Specialist at Equity Office in Chicago, Illinois


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