Writing Help Available for Online Students


For writing help for almost any course assignment, use the Writing Center’s online services – at your convenience – including Feedback-by-Email and IM conferencing (with or without a webcam).  If you are able to use the services at the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses, schedule appointments (30 or 50 minutes) on an as-needed or weekly basis. You may schedule up to 3 hours worth of appointments per week, and all Writing Center services are free.

Writing Center tutors are specially selected and trained graduate and undergraduate students who can help you at almost any stage of your writing. They will not do your work for you, but they can help you focus and develop your ideas, review your drafts, and polish your writing. They can answer questions about grammar, mechanics, different kinds of writing styles, and documentation formats.  They also can answer questions and provide feedback online, through IM/webcam chats and email.

Obviously, the tutors won’t necessarily be familiar with every class or subject, but they are able to provide valuable help from the perspective of an interested and careful reader as well as a serious and experienced student-writer. Schedule your appointments with enough time to think about and use the feedback you’ll receive, and bring your assignment handout and other relevant materials to your appointments.

Please visit WCOnline to schedule a tutoring session.


One Response to “Writing Help Available for Online Students”

  1. Beth Rubin Says:

    The web-conference (IM) tutoring sessions are fabulous. They allow an online student and writing tutor to go over a paper together in a one-on-one session, in real time — from anywhere. As an instructor, my hat is off to the Writing Center staff. Some of my students’ papers have improved terrifically from working with these folks.

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