SNL Online Student Kellie Sipich


SNL Student Kelly Sipich

Why did you decide to return to school at this point in your life?

Upon graduating from high school I started a career in the mortgage industry and found limited time to take a few college courses at the local community college. With increasing success and commitments with my career there was little time available to pursue a college degree. The desire to obtain a degree never diminished with the passing of time. A few years ago opportunities opened up that allowed me to enroll at DePaul SNL.

What is your intended focus area? Why did you choose it?

Business management is my current focus area at SNL. Given the depth and breadth of experience gained from two careers, business management seemed a natural fit to apply my leadership skills.

What has been your favorite SNL Online course so far?

Over the summer, I took an Externship course about the Power of Horses and the use of Equine Therapy. The class covered how horses have the therapeutic ability to help people. What I loved about the class was that out of the 10 weeks, we went on 4 fieldtrips where we became familiar with these therapeutic horses. On the last fieldtrip we got a chance to ride the horses that we had been working with. This class helped me connect with nature and understand how powerful horses are. This course was a great example of new learning just as the externship course is intended to be.

How do you plan to use your DePaul degree after you graduate?

After obtaining my degree in June of 2010, I plan on looking for opportunities to apply my business management skills that will be both challenging and rewarding. The mission of non-profit organizations holds particular appeal to me. Additionally, small non-profit organizations could greatly benefit from the application of business management best practices.

What advice would you give to a student who is new to the program?

The best advice that I could give a new SNL student is to plan out your time and overall competency strategy.  Time management is a key driver of success. Planning out what classes and when they need to be completed makes achieving your goal to graduate more attainable. It is also important to realize that the student needs to drive their own academic career.

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