New Winter Course Offerings


Hybrid Graduate Seminars:

LLS 435 Understanding Personal And Organizational Change

This seminar provides students with an opportunity to develop the Liberal Learning facilities through understanding personal and organizational change. Multiple dimensions and dynamics of change and the roles and responsibilities of professionals as change agents are explored.

Special emphasis is placed on analyzing change processes using both linear and systems models and formulating interventions to facilitate productive change in the workplace (profit and nonprofit).

LLS 475 Exercising Effective Leadership

This final seminar provides students with an opportunity to develop the Liberal Learning facilities through exercising effective leadership. Major themes of each of the previous seminars are integrated within the concept of effective leadership in a changing world. Key theories and principles relative to the management/leadership continuum are examined as well as the implications of current trends for the future of leadership both in general and within students’ personal/professional contexts.

Undergraduate Course:

FA 260 Essentials of Project Management

This 5-week course consists of 5 modules and provides an overview of the fundamentals of Project Management for non-Project Managers. It introduces the four phases of the project management process (Initiating, Planning, Managing and Closing), the role of the Project Manager, tools, techniques and deliverables associated with successful project management, and troubleshooting techniques.


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